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Video Verification Improves the Security of Your Las Vegas Business


No Need to Stay Glued to Your Smartphone: Professionals Can Monitor Your Business for You

The security of your business is always at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re at home for the evening, away on vacation for several weeks, or simply have a sprawling facility with a large footprint, it’s comforting to know your business is secure with a robust security and surveillance system. At Eagle Sentry, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients integrated security systems that bring peace of mind.

Standard in our Platinum Eagle Alarm package, video verification offers our Las Vegas, NV clients improved peace of mind along with better value for their money, reduced false alarms, and a faster police response in case of emergency.

Keep reading to learn how this innovative security solution can help you manage the safety of your business.

Create the Perfect Ambiance in Your Home With Lighting Control


Your Las Vegas Home, Illuminated, Indoors, and Out

Being comfortable in your home goes well beyond having comfortable seating in your living and entertaining spaces. What if we told you that you could become even more comfortable in your Las Vegas, Nevada home with something that many of us take for granted – lighting?

Lighting can be natural, shining in through your windows, and lighting can be controlled in your home with technology. Home lighting control can give you the power to control both kinds of light with just a tap of a button.

Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities of home lighting, how it can bring the perfect ambiance to your home and increase home safety.

How to Use Home Surveillance Next Time You’re on Vacation


Leaving Your Las Vegas Home for A Trip? No Worries!

Whether you’re visiting in-laws in Palm Springs or jetting off to Asia, leaving your house unoccupied for an extended time can leave it vulnerable to crime and break-ins. Even if you’re only across town for the day, you never truly know how safe your home is while you’re away. Luckily, modern technology makes home surveillance more accessible than ever, and an automated home security system takes safety many steps further than a video doorbell.

To see how you’ll protect your Las Vegas home on your next trip, discover how smart security works below!

Watch Movie Stars Under the Stars with an Outdoor Home Theater


The Outdoor Entertainment Equipment You Need for Your Las Vegas Backyard 

From drive-in theaters to movie nights in the park, people love watching cinema outdoors under the night sky. Maybe it’s something about the fresh night air and the sound of crickets with a bowl of popcorn. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring the joy of the movies to your Las Vegas backyard? After all, who says watching TV means you have to stay cooped up indoors?

With high-quality weatherproof technology by Séura, Leon, and more, your backyard entertainment system will give your nearby Regal or Century 16 theater a run for its money. So, what are your options? Continue reading to learn more about our outdoor home theater technology here in Las Vegas.

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