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Networking Packages

A network is the backbone of your home technology systems. It facilitates communication among devices, lets you browse the web, and stream your favorite movies, shows, and music. Our enterprise-grade networking solutions ensure robust, reliable Wi-Fi connections throughout your entire home. With 24/7 networking support, Eagle Sentry proactively manages, maintains and updates your network for you.




Perfect for single users. Designed for homes 1500 feet or smaller, our Raven networking package delivers high-speed connectivity throughout your home. Includes our Essential Network membership for $29.99/month.  




For multi-user homes. Networking the whole family can enjoy. Our Falcon package is designed for homes up to 2500 feet. Includes our Essential Networking Membership for $29.99/month.




For work-at-home, avid gamers, and large families. Our professional-grade Eagle package is perfect for homes up to 3500 feet. Capable of handling up to 500 devices, users can enjoy advanced protection with Pro-Active Monitoring. In addition to 24/7 live support, our Pro-Active Monitoring team keeps track of your network and handle most slowdowns or updates remotely. Includes one year of Pro-Active Monitoring for $49.99/month.

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