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Know Your Home is Safe with a Security Monitoring Service


Don’t Let Horror Movies Scare You. With Remote Monitoring, Your Home is Protected  

Home Alone, Panic Room, When A Stranger Calls—the plots of these movies could have gone much differently if the characters installed a security monitoring service in their homes. Although the home invasion scenarios that we see in movies are extreme and unlikely, it’s important to give yourself peace of mind when you’re both home and away. Based in Las Vegas, NV, we provide security monitoring services to households across the city. To see what a system could look like in your home, read on below!

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Real-Time Alerts to Your Phone

Receiving a barrage of messages all day is fatiguing, and to combat the stress, many of us are cutting down on our app notifications. But there’s one notification that you’ll be grateful to receive—an alert from your home security system. With alarms, motion sensors, and cameras incorporated into the same smart system, you’ll be notified if any behavior is detected on your premises.  

This feature can be turned off while family is home, so you aren’t accidentally notified of their comings and goings. But while away from the house, you’ll instantly know if anyone is on your property or at the front door. If you’re waiting to see that the kids returned home from school, the alert will be a comforting check-in. If you weren’t expecting anyone, you can check camera footage from the same app and assess the situation. In the shocking event that someone is trying to break-in, you’ll be able to call the police right away.


Check-in Anytime

Security monitoring also goes the other way around—you can check in on your house, even without an alert. Load your smart system app and have a look at your smart locks, garage door, and lights. Are the doors locked properly? Did the kids leave the garage door open? You can secure your house right from the app, miles away.

If you’re on vacation or out of town and see that all of your smart lights are off, you may want to toggle a few on to maintain the appearance that someone is home. You can also glance at security cameras and watch through footage if any motion was detected. With a smart security system, home is never far away.


Say goodbye to worry and fear by installing a security monitoring service today. To get started, call Eagles Sentry in Las Vegas, NV, at (702) 736-8880 or contact us here.

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