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What Is Video Verification & How Does it Keep You Safe?


Add Another Pair of Eyes to Your Home Security 

A home security system is a responsible and wise addition to any house. It provides peace of mind, protects your family, and warns you of potential break-ins or emergencies. But what happens if your alarms go off and you aren’t home? Or what if there is an incident, but you’re hurt and can’t reach the phone? That’s where video verification can be a lifesaver.

But what is video verification? How does it differ from a standard security system? Read on to see how it can protect your Las Vegas, NV home.

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What is Video Verification?

When an alarm goes off in your home—whether it’s on a door or a fire alarm—a monitoring service professional will be able to take the matter into their own hands. Through a security service plan like one from Eagle Sentry, a remote surveillance responder will receive an alert on their computer that your home’s security system was triggered. They will then check any camera footage sent to the cloud to assess the threat. From there, they’ll give you a call, and if you don’t respond, will notify the police.

Verified video significantly reduces response time from the police and fire department and will assist you if you’re in danger or not home. Unlike other providers who send a guard out to see what’s going on, video verification inspects the situation in seconds and avoids false alarms.

You’ll be able to receive video clips of alarm events on your smartphone, so you can quickly decide if the notification was a result of human error or crime. If you’re worried about your property’s privacy or are disabled or elderly, remote monitoring makes all the difference. 


How Does It Work?

When you sign up for a monitoring service, your cameras will only be checked when alarms or motion sensors are activated. If you already own security cameras, they can be still updated to connect to a monitoring system, so there’s no need to overhaul your entire setup.  For a reliably powered network in a new build, a low-voltage contractor will wire your smart security devices so that connection is never lost. Low voltage carries less of a current than power outlets and switches, and the wiring will run to sensors at windows, doors, and the exterior and connect to a security program. If you aren’t able to wire your house, wireless options are available, too.  Ready to take control of your Las Vegas home’s safety? Call Eagle Sentry at (702) 736-8880, chat with our team below, or fill out a contact form here. We’ll find a solution right for you!

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