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What’s the ROI of Commercial Security?


Here’s Why Investing in Security is Worth it for Your Business 

Commercial security can start simple: door alarms, surveillance cameras, intercoms. And it can go as far as including facial recognition and fingerprint readers. At Eagle Sentry, we build security systems for businesses across Las Vegas that involve many moving parts. If you’re a business owner who has yet to invest in commercial security, is one reason that you don’t see an ROI?

Return of investment may seem abstract from a security system, as it can be challenging to track correlating numbers. After all, when a system is working its best, you should hardly notice it’s there. But to increase your bottom line, you have to look at every area of your business that requires protecting. Continue reading to see how you’ll save with an automated commercial security system.

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Keep an Eye on Assets

Access control technology manages who is allowed to come in and out of your building. You might use key cards, pin codes, or even facial recognition technology to control who has access to certain areas, from the lobby to elevators. This may be especially valuable for warehouses and storerooms, where products can be stolen by intruders that slip inside. You can also use access control to keep track of deliveries and manage where assets are stored. Choose to receive alerts when a secured area is accessed in an unauthorized manner so that you’ll know instantly that something is off. This will help with loss and theft prevention, saving money overall.


Secure Your Data

In your company, valuable assets may be beyond products and cash, and be data based instead. Important data could include sensitive customer information or coding for software that would be devastating to have leaked. Whatever necessary data you store, be sure to protect it with a secure network to avoid loss. A security company can help you encrypt your system to protect against cyber-attacks.


Save on Security Guards

If you have a fully functioning camera system that’s integrated with locks, alarms, and alerts, this means you can eliminate several security guards to protect your business. You can still use the help of a security team that will use the technology as a tool. But you’ll be able to cut costs by hiring fewer people to keep an eye on your entrances. Motion-detection cameras will notice when someone enters your building, and automatic alerts will move faster than a person can, leaving much less margin for error.


Minimize Damages in a Disaster

What will you do if disaster strikes your business? If a pipe bursts causing a flood or a fire starts, it can shut down production and cost heaps of money. That’s why it’s smart to install a system that includes fire monitoring, temperature sensors, flood detectors, and video surveillance. If anything were to happen, your security personnel would know right away. You can also check in on the property remotely from a tablet or phone, so if you receive an alert about the temperature sensor, you can check cameras and call the authorities if needed.


Ready to bring commercial security to your Las Vegas, NV area business? Eagle Sentry is here to help! Call us at (702) 736-8880, chat with our staff below, or submit an online query. We’ll be in touch soon.

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