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Your Security Alarm Went Off, But You’re Not Home. Now What?


Make Life More Secure by Remotely Monitoring Your Security Alarms 

It may be disturbing and shocking—but waking to a security or smoke alarm is truly a blessing. We receive an advanced notice to the danger at hand and can assess the situation to escape before it’s too late.

However, what happens if a carbon monoxide, smoke, or security alarm goes off while you’re not home? Perhaps you’re at work, or you’re jetting off to Europe. Wherever you may be, without a smart security system in place, you won’t know of the danger in your house until it’s too late.

See what an automated security system can do to keep your Las Vegas, NV home safe by following the steps below!

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Receive Alerts to Device

The first way to ensure you’ll be notified of alarms is to connect your smartphone or tablet to your security system. With or Savant, all of your smart technology will be synched and is accessible from the same app. In your settings, choose to receive text alerts or emails. So, if an alarm goes off at the back door, you’ll know instantly.


Check Security Cameras

If you aren’t sure what set off the alarm, or if you read the alert a few hours late, you can then watch through your surveillance camera footage. Maybe you’ll see right away that it’s just the kids and you’ll unlock your smart lock and disarm the alarm. Or perhaps after watching, you’ll see a suspicious person on your property, and you’ll know to call the police.


Respond Through Intercom

If there’s only a neighbor at your front door, you can respond through a video intercom system right on your phone and let them know you’ll be home soon. But if someone is trying to break into your property, you can use this feature to tell them the police are on the way. That may inspire the burglars to leave sooner than later.


Turn on the Lights

In the unfortunate but unlikely event of a break-in, and if you do witness the alert on your phone, you can also turn your home’s lights on and off from your app. This may alert neighbors that something is wrong, and the intruders may panic. Also besure to call the police if you don’t have a security service plan that has called for you already!


Interested in adding an automated security system to your house? Call Eagle Sentry today at (702) 736-8880, fill out our online form, or message us below!

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