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Bring Music to Every Corner of Your Home with a Distributed Audio System


Find the Right Wired or Wireless Audio for Your Las Vegas Home  

We’ve all experienced shopping at a supermarket or clothing store, listening to a familiar ‘80s pop tune overhead while browsing the aisles. You hum along as you pick something up off the shelf, only for the audio to cut out— “Backup to register eight please,” the intercom says. And just as quickly, all of the speakers resume the song.

Similarly, your entire house can be fitted to play the same audio over high-quality speakers in each room. You can pause, skip, and switch from streaming to vinyl, and all speakers will synch accordingly. In this blog, we’ll explain how a distributed audio system works, and how it will enhance the way you enjoy music in your Las Vegas, NV home.

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How Distributed Audio Works

A distributed audio system delivers sound to many speakers at once from one central audio matrix, broadcasting music everywhere from your kitchen to the pool. Because your speakers will be spread far away from the matrix, you’ll need a higher voltage and lower current than typical speakers for optimal sound. This can be achieved with small transformers that ‘step down’ the voltage on each 8ohm speaker so that you won’t experience distortion. For this reason, distributed audio systems are not the same as merely plugging your iPhone into a speaker.

With each device connected to a smart system like Savant, you can enjoy one music source in every room (outdoors included) or split the house into zones to have different tracks playing in each area. A trusted designer can help you build the perfect sound system for your household’s layout so that each room’s audio won’t overlap.


Wired or Wireless

When building a whole-home audio system, you have the choice between wired or wireless speakers. Wireless speakers used to be considered lesser quality than wired. But today, Sonos speakers deliver clear audio that highlights every pluck of a bass string and quiet rumble of cymbals. It’s easy to assemble a Sonos system and connect each device to your smartphone app. But keep in mind, your speakers will rely on a sturdy Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.   

To discreetly hide the appearance of any technology, wire Origin Acoustics’ speakers into the walls and ceilings. Wiring is ultimately more convenient during a building or renovation project, but the results are ever-reliable audio, unparalleled sound, and a clean aesthetic. Distributed audio systems can always mix wired and wireless speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and receivers, and your audio integrator can help you find the right solution.


The Many Everyday Uses

Catching up on your podcasts has never been easier. As you prepare for work in the morning, audio will follow you from the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. Later at night, you’ll entertain friends and family right from your smartphone, tablet, or voice-activated speaker. Select the playlist or even vinyl turntable to play from, and your indoor and outdoor speakers will all connect. You can skip tracks, lower volume, or disable specific speakers right from the app. And when the night’s over, turn everything off in one tap!


Ready to bring distributed audio to your Las Vegas, NV home? Call Eagle Sentry at (702) 736-8880, message a member of our team below, or fill out our online form here!

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