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A New Era of Whole Home Audio


3 New Trends in Multi Room Audio Systems 

The ways we listen to music in our homes is always evolving. Years ago, you may have turned on a stereo with a multi-disc CD player or a boom box to entertain friends. In the early 2000s, you may have purchased a speaker with an iPod jack. More recently, Vinyl has returned in popularity, and online music streaming has surged. What are you using for home audio now?

Whether you're entertaining guests or making breakfast, music sounds best when it can be enjoyed in every room of your house. If you’re an audiophile or new to the audio game, discover all that’s developed in the world of whole home audio. You may find a solution to suit your Las Vegas, NV household.

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Wireless Audio Over Wi-Fi

A little over a decade ago, Sonos revolutionized the market with its wireless whole home audio line. A wave of wireless products from other manufacturers followed, but Sonos is still the premium option for the best sound and most reliable wireless system. Wireless audio networks function over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but generally, Wi-Fi offers higher bandwidth, range, and capacity to extend over multiple rooms.

All speakers need to exist in the same wireless ecosystem, so you’ll require a strong network that covers your entire house, not just the first floor or one side. You’ll now be able to place audio in regions that were previously inaccessible without wires, making it easier to add the backyard to your whole-house equation.


Hidden Speakers

Another development in multi-room audio introduces hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. You can enjoy the rich sound of floor-standing loudspeakers without the bulk or clutter. You’ll enjoy synched audio in every room with the clean, minimalistic aesthetic that gives you extra space. Architectural solutions by Origin Acoustics and Leon complement any room and are available to Las Vegas residents from our team at Eagle Sentry.


Bring the Bass

Another new whole home audio trend is the increasing addition of subwoofers for rich bass sounds. This increase in popularity may be due to the growing acceptance of whole house audio as a viable means of music playback. Bass frequencies have a more emotional impact than other parts of the musical spectrum, and once you hear your favorite songs with lower frequencies, it’s hard to listen without them. Subwoofers can be discreetly placed in a corner, behind a couch, or used as a stand for books or plants to continue with the invisible technology aesthetic.


Ready to bring these whole home audio techniques to your house? We’ll design and install a professional system that will sound perfect for years to come. Call Eagle Sentry at (702) 736-8880 or contact us online here.

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