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Bring Natural Light Indoors with Smart Tunable Lighting


How Tunable Lights Can Improve Your Sleep & Wellness 

Light (or a lack of it) has a profound effect on the human psyche—it’s one of the reasons Seasonal Affective Disorder exists, after all. We may receive more sun than other states do here in Las Vegas, NV, but many of us spend substantial amounts of time indoors. Our brains’ chemistry depends on sunlight patterns to regulate when serotonin and melatonin are released. In the morning, the bright blue-white sunlight energizes us. Later in the afternoon during ’golden hour’, the amber-hued light prepares our mind for rest and eventually, sleep.

But if you’re indoors with the same lightbulbs on all day, you’re missing the benefits of natural light. Living with improper lighting may cause headaches, fatigue, and irritability. But it’s not always practical to spend the entire day outdoors, so what can be done? That’s where tunable lighting solutions by manufacturers like Savant and Lutron are changing the game. Continue reading to learn how it works and whether your Las Vegas home is ready for it.

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How Tunable Lighting Works

For smart control of your home’s light, all of your lighting fixtures will be wired or wirelessly connected to a control system and accessible through your phone, tablet, or control panel. With Savant, the lighting and home automation manufacturer, light bulbs can be set to schedules that mimic our circadian rhythms—our internal clocks regulated by the sun. Advanced controllers interpret digital signals to monitor the current in each LED bulb, adjusting the color temperature and brightness. You won’t need to adjust or prompt anything—every day, your lights will gradually shift appearance on their own.


Setting the Lights Right 

True ‘circadian lighting’ can be difficult to implement through every room of your house. You may want your kitchen to remain brighter than the living room at night so that you can see clearly while chopping vegetables. Similarly, you may still use your home office at 5 p.m. and will require higher brightness levels to see what you’re writing.  

That’s why Savant is building flexibility into its lighting solutions with wellness schedules that can be completely personalized. You’ll program presets for specific rooms, adjusting the hues and brightness levels for morning and night based on each space’s needs. Alternatively, for an authentic daylight experience, press a button on your keypad or app to set lights to the “correct” setting based on your geography and astronomical clock. Plus, you can incorporate motorized shades into your system so they will automatically raise and lower to a schedule.

With tunable lighting, your mornings become more energized and productive. You’ll sleep better, too, as your afternoons are set to coziness and comfort. Just like “night mode” on our phones and computers, the elimination of blue light will help your brain produce melatonin to sleep better.  


Ready to bring tunable lights to your Las Vegas, NV home? Call Eagle Sentry at (702) 736-8880 to discuss your project or fill out our online form.

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