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Make Your Home Design Smart from the Start


Build Smart Technology Into Your Next House

It’s no secret that homebuyers are interested in smart technology. A Houzz survey in 2016 found that nearly half of renovating homeowners were interested in installing smart technology, with security and intelligent thermostats topping the list. Given the plethora of smart devices and capabilities that have been introduced since then, interest in smart technology and the options for it have only grown.

Can you build a smart home around available consumer technology? Yes, but be prepared for a learning curve and to be your own integrator and programmer. One thing you need to be aware of is ecosystems. The ever-popular Amazon Alexa is one smart technology ecosystem, Google Home is another, and Apple Homekit is a third. Some smart devices work across all three; some only work with one. Sometimes, you have to look carefully at what works within a given ecosystem, as sometimes you only get basic capability through one of them. One example of this might be the ability to turn a light on and off through voice control while not being able to change color or temperature through that voice command – you have to resort to a specific app.

Keep things basic and consumer technology could work. But if you are looking to design and build your dream smart home in Las Vegas, you might want to look beyond the consumer do-it-yourself approaches. Perhaps you don’t want restrictions on which types of bulbs you use for smart lighting, you want motorized shades that work in concert with your climate control, and you don’t want to worry about which device works with the other. If you work with a professional like Eagle Sentry, you can design the best-of-breed smart features you want in your home – at the optimal time in the construction or remodel phase.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of a professionally designed and installed smart home system.

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Sophisticated vs. Simple Automation

Do-it-yourself systems can be great, but if you have many things that have to work together reliably they sometimes falter. If you want automation that stitches together many functions to fit your lifestyle, a smart home system that is designed specifically for your home and needs is the way to go. You can pick best-of-breed products – including consumer technology – and integrate them into a seamless smart home system. That means if you like Nest thermostats, they can be integrated. But if you want smart lighting control indoors and out, we specify the system that will work for you, not one brand of intelligent bulbs or switches.

We can integrate other items that typically aren't covered by consumer technology, like sophisticated pool control and controlling outdoor fireplaces, motorized screens, and many more things that add up to the truly smart automated home. And you won't have to be a programmer to use your smart home.



Smart home technology sometimes sounds like a novelty or convenience. If that’s the case, you might tolerate the occasional glitch when something doesn’t work correctly. On the other hand, if you are designing around smart technology for security, the consequences of a failure can be serious. If you employ smart cameras, you want to be notified if something is amiss, so your cameras and network should work without issues. Similarly, if you are away and you have a temperature sensor in your wine room, you want to know that your expensive collection is being correctly cooled.

Eagle Sentry uses professional systems like Lutron lighting control that are proven to work reliably and can scale up to the needs of large properties. In the process of building your smart home, we can install the cabling and other infrastructure that enables intelligent home technologies. That may mean designing your wired and wireless networks, with access points at strategic locations. It may mean integrating a central hub in the home to house the brains of smart systems like lights and audio-video distribution. It also involves installing the correct low-voltage wiring to enable smart control points throughout the house. Planning, careful design, and installation add up to a stable, responsive system that works the way you expect without your intervention.


Learn more about the benefits of a professionally designed and built smart home solution for your Las Vegas home. Contact us for a free quote today!

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