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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Wireless Lighting Control


You Don’t Need to Hardwire Your Home for Lighting Control’s Safety Benefits

Smart lighting has been one of the most exciting technology developments in recent years. The ability to customize our lights with scenes and color settings makes our homes comfier and more relaxing. Typically, though, smart lighting is powered over low-voltage wiring. This is a reliable system but requires hardwiring in your walls, which can be a time-consuming project.

So if you’re interested in smart lighting but not undergoing a wired installation, there’s another option for you: wireless lighting control. Not only does wireless smart lighting enhance your home’s aesthetics, but it can also keep your household safe. How? Continue reading to see how your Las Vegas, NV home will be better protected by a wireless lighting system.

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How Wireless Lighting Control Works

Unlike wired lighting systems, wireless smart lighting uses radio waves or Wi-Fi to transmit information from a controller to lights. This makes your lighting system easier to scale and add to later on. For instance, if you want to automate your downstairs and exterior lights first and add upstairs fixtures later, wireless systems are flexible enough to accomplish this. The installation cost is much lower for wireless lighting and is generally quicker to install. Wireless lighting is not always as reliable as wired systems, and cybersecurity hacks are still a possible threat. However, with a secure network, your smart lighting should function just as a wired one would.  


Safeguard Your Home from Intruders  

If you’re jetting off on vacation for a weekend or longer, you’ll be leaving your house unoccupied and vulnerable to trespassers. But with lighting control, you can set your lights to turn on for a few hours each night to maintain the appearance that someone is home. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your house will be less likely broken into.

While home, you can also use outdoor motion sensors that turn lights on while someone walks by. This feature will alert you of any suspicious activity. And while the lights aren’t activated, you can rest assured that your property is safe. You can also add photo sensors to your smart lighting to prevent outdoor lights from turning on during the day.


See Better at Night

Say goodbye to stumbling through dark hallways to the bathroom at night! Smart lights can turn on automatically with sensors to help you navigate through your house. Or press a button from your smartphone or tablet to turn on the lights before leaving your bed. Small pathway lights near the floor will illuminate your walk without blinding your vision. In situations like these, hands-off control is a great addition as well to turn lights on when walking into a new room or area. 


Ready to bring wireless lighting control to your Las Vegas, NV home? Eagle Sentry can assemble it for you in no time! Call us at (702) 736-8880 to get started or fill out our online form here!

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