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How to Enhance Your Home’s Ambience & Safety with Smart Lighting


We Share Our Home Lighting Control Ideas to Improve Well-Being 

Phones used to do only one thing—make or receive calls. Nowadays, as we all know, our smartphones are our cameras, maps, libraries, and music players too. Similarly, lighting is no longer only about ‘on’ and ‘off’ and merely seeing in the dark. As technology has advanced, we now have to capacity to use smart lighting to improve our home’s ambiance and safety.

How exactly does home lighting control boost our moods and security? Continue reading to learn how your Las Vegas, NV home can shine brighter and better.  

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Lighting & Mood  

Whether we’re aware of it or not, lighting affects the way we feel. Imagine a dingy, windowless apartment on a summer day. Doesn’t seem pleasant, does it? Or recall the cozy feeling of Christmas lights strung across a porch. How do you remember the lighting in your favorite restaurant? Our bulbs’ color and brightness have the power to sway our moods significantly.

Our circadian rhythms—the internal clocks that regulate when we’re alert and sleepy—are influenced by sunlight. If your bulbs are blue-tinted like sunlight at night, your body won’t produce melatonin to prepare you for sleep. Likewise, during the day, you don’t want too subdued light in the morning, or you’ll feel ready to go back to bed. With smart tunable LEDs, your bulbs will transform their hue throughout the day to mimic the sun’s patterns. This improves your sleep quality, leaving you feeling more restful, less stressed, and happier overall.

Additionally, you can create distinct light settings on your control system for the ideal ambiance. Manage multiple layers—pathway lights, tableside lamps, and ceiling bulbs—in just a swipe on your device to adjust the room. Tune your lights to rainbow colors for parties or set the house to an amber-hue for romantic dinner dates. Whatever atmosphere you desire, it’s possible to achieve with smart lighting!


Lighting & Safety

Just as downtown stores keep their lights on all night to deter thieves, your home’s brightness protects it from suspicious activity. Add motion sensors to your exterior lighting to automatically illuminate your yard when motion is sensed. Or set timers so individual lights will turn on and off throughout the day or night, creating the appearance that someone is awake inside.

This is especially helpful if you are going away on vacation. Nothing says, “Rob my house!” like windows remaining dark all day and night for a week. With home lighting control, you can remotely toggle lights from your smartphone, whether you’re in town or across the world. Set timers so lights do this automatically throughout the day.

If you have surveillance cameras installed, adding the proper lighting will help catch subjects on video, and authorities will be more likely to identify the culprit. Overall, a smart LED system will make your house appear occupied and alert at all times.


Ready to upgrade the way you light up your home? Eagle Sentry is Las Vegas’ destination for smart lighting technology. Give us a call at (702) 736-8880 or contact us online here!

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