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Your Step-by-Step Guide to an Automated Security System


Does Your Security System Run Like This?  

To ensure that your home is safe at all times, you’ll need more than just a burglar alarm. Like a Rube Goldberg machine, your home’s security system should work in a domino effect fashion, automatically igniting the next step without requiring any action from you. In the event of a break-in or burglary, you’ll want to be taken care of instantly by the technology you’ve installed. 

If you’re looking to boost your home’s security in the Las Vegas, NV area, we’d like to share our expertise in the following steps. With an automated security system like this, you can leave home and sleep peacefully at night knowing you’re protected. 

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First- Lights Turn On 

With your lighting connected to a smart system like or Lutron, your home’s landscape and entryway lights will turn on as motion is detected. If someone were to trespass on your property, or even if an animal approached, they would be illuminated in your lawn. Burglars often prefer to enter dark homes, and if they’re suddenly caught in a flood of light, they may decide not to bother. Plus, with lighting incorporated into an automation system, you can link lights to a timer and turn them on and off remotely to make it look like you’re always home. 


Second- Video Is Recorded 

Now that the lights are on, you’ll get a perfect shot of suspicious activity from your smart security cameras. From your tablet or phone, you can set cameras to turn on once motion is detected, like the lights. You can check footage anytime right from your smartphone and provide it to the authorities if necessary. There are several options for your home’s cameras, ranging from model designs and storage methods.   


Third- Alarm Goes Off 

If the lights and presence of a security camera don’t stop an intruder, alarms installed at your entrances will go off. With smart locks at the door, a set code will need to be entered to open the door. If someone tries walk inside without the right code, or if a motion was detected in a back entrance while your system is armed, an alarm can go off, alerting everyone home. But if you aren’t home…


Fourth- Alert Is Sent to You

If activity is detected or a door is opened, you will receive an alert to your phone or tablet. If it was just your family at the garage, then you can happily ignore the signal. But if you weren’t anticipating activity, this is a convenient opportunity to call the police. With your system connected at all times, you can rest assured that if you don’t receive an alarm, your home is safe and undisturbed. 


Fifth- Authorities Are Notified 

Take proactivity a step further with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. If an alarm goes off and you don’t respond, a licensed monitoring station can assess the situation through your cameras and call the police or fire department. uses its own cellular connection, so monitoring will still function even if the power lines, cable, and broadband power are down. This way, you won’t have to return home to a fire or robbery—the police or firefighters will have already reached your house to help.  


To install a new automated security system or to maintain your existing one, Las Vegas, Nevada’s Eagle Sentry is your go-to. Give us a call at (702) 736-8880 or contact us online here

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