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Does Your School’s Security System Pass the Test?


Study Up on These 3 Essential School Security Features 

Kids have enough to worry about on a regular school day: remembering their homework, navigating friendships, and avoiding humiliation in gym class. The last thing students should worry about is a potential intruder or threat. Whether you run a high school, elementary school, daycare, or youth center, any organization that cares for young people must be proactive about safety.

But designing a comprehensive school security system is unique to other spaces. Administration must consider how to keep children and staff safe while simultaneously maintaining a positive learning environment. By intercepting disturbances before they become an issue, students can carry on learning in peace.

To see how your Las Vegas, Nevada school’s security could improve, continue reading our suggestions below!

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1. Dynamic Mapping

It goes without saying that alarms are essential for a school’s safety. But what happens when in the middle of a school day, an alarm suddenly goes off? Is someone trying to break in from the parking lot? Did a student wander outside? Is there a fire, and where? When you hear an alarm, the first thing you need to know is where it was activated. To find the source quickly with less stress, dynamic mapping is a critical feature in an access control system. With security devices connected to a smart system, you’ll be able to view all locks and alarms on your tablet screen to swiftly pinpoint the incident’s location. From there, security can notify staff of the original alarm’s whereabouts and act accordingly.


2. Surveillance Cameras

Is your school equipped with cameras? If not, or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing system, you’ll want to be sure your footage is easy to view and access. For the best visibility, your security cameras should be of at least 720p resolution with an ideal frame rate of 30 frames per second. To catch suspicious activity on the school’s exterior grounds, you’ll require cameras built exclusively for the outdoors. Weatherproof cameras with low-light infrared will capture images in the dark, protecting your building at all hours. Lastly, you’ll need to ensure you have a storage system in place so you can retrieve necessary footage. You can schedule recorders to overwrite old footage once at capacity or opt for a cloud-based system.


3. Instant Lockdown

In the event of a threat on campus, many schools have assembly plans or evacuation routes. However, sometimes, it is safer for students to shelter in place in a lockdown setting. With a smart security system, you can immediately disable all doors during a lockdown, preventing an intruder’s access to classrooms. By automatically locking the entire school, you’ll swiftly keep everyone safe from the first signal. 


Start protecting your school today with a customized security system by Eagle Sentry. Give us a call at (702) 736-8880, chat with a member of our team below, or fill out our contact form here. We’ll be in touch!

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