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Looking to Install Security Cameras?


Consider These Questions Before You Start Work on Your Las Vegas Home

Security cameras used to be something you would only see in commercial buildings and secure environments. They were relatively expensive for home use and required special wiring and recording equipment for video footage. Today's internet-connected software and inexpensive camera technology have completely changed that landscape.

Today’s cameras are connected to the internet, can detect motion and sound, and even recognize objects like animals, vehicles, and people’s faces. Modern cameras can provide the peace of mind of knowing what's going on in and around your property at all times, and not just when something unexpected happens. You can keep an eye on pets, know when your children get home from school, and even check in on elderly relatives.

Options abound with security cameras, from do-it-yourself systems to high-end continuous video surveillance. As home security experts in the Las Vegas area for over 30 years, Eagle Sentry wants you to be able to make informed decisions to get the security camera installation that’s right for you.

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Price and Quality

Price generally has a relation to quality, but sometimes expensive products don't live up to the amount paid. The market is practically flooded with security and monitoring cameras of all types, and even the cheapest seem to boast a long feature list. Be wary of too many features that seem to promise everything, as many features depend on well-designed and robust software. Lesser products tend to have software that is not well-tested, and some features are almost impossible to get to work. Security cameras are about protecting you and your property, so you want reliable products. Look for cameras and systems from companies with proven reputations.


Types of Cameras

A variety of cameras exist in the market for almost any kind of application. Ideally, you want a system that can accommodate various camera types and one that can handle a large enough number of cameras. In some areas, you might want a camera with a wide-angle field of view. In others, you might want the ability to tilt, pan, and zoom in on movement when detected. Some cameras can detect audio, so you can be alerted even if it's so dark that no motion is detected. Some have better detection of movement in the dark, and some are rated for outdoor use. Depending on the size and type of your property, you may have different needs over time. You want to invest in a system that doesn't lock you into limited choices.


Wired or Wireless

While fully wireless cameras exist, most still require wiring for either transmitting video or power or both. Modern security cameras can use one low-voltage cable for both power and data transfer, and the necessary wiring is not excessively complicated or expensive, though it does require some work in a retrofit situation. If you wanted to go with a fully wireless camera, bear in mind that the battery must either be replaced or recharged periodically. A fully wireless camera mounted in a high or difficult to reach location will be a chore to keep powered. The best approach in most cases is a wired one, especially in outdoor areas.


Compatibility with Other Functions

You want a security camera solution that is not an island unto itself. A camera network that can interact with other security and smart home systems will be more valuable and future-proof than one that does not. Can the camera trigger on an outdoor light when it detects movement at the front door? Can it set off an alarm based on whether you are in the house or not? Can you remotely turn on and off specific detection features? The key to these features is software that is regularly updated and enhanced to maintain compatibility with other systems.


Subscription Fees

Some advanced features of security cameras, like face detection or extended storage of video footage, are only available via a recurring subscription fee. Those features may be valuable, but it's essential for you to understand if they are of value to you and what they add to the cost of the system. Some systems might cost more up front but do not have recurring fees. No one model is necessarily superior to the other, but you should understand your options to make informed decisions.


Eagle Sentry can provide you with the peace of mind of a professionally installed and monitored security camera system for your Las Vegas home. Contact us for a free quote today!

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