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Five Home Automation Upgrades Your Clients Will Love


Designers - Build These Features Into Your Projects From the Start

As a designer, architect, or builder, you keep an eye on current trends to bring into your renovation or new construction projects. Whether it’s the large kitchen island, more seamless flow from indoor to outdoor space, or large dual showers, you know all the ways to bring fresh and modern ideas to your plans.

Smart home technology is an opportunity to differentiate your projects as well as appeal to today’s’ homeowners. In a recent survey by the popular Houzz website, 28 percent of renovating homeowners had smart home features at the top of their wish lists. Eagle Sentry has been in the home protection and automation services businesses since 1986, integrating the latest technology in lighting, security, audio-video systems, and more in the finest homes in Las Vegas. We’ve seen how technology has advanced over the years, and we’re more excited than ever for the possibilities of creating unique smart home environments your clients will love.

A renovation or new-build project offers the perfect opportunity for you to include the latest smart home features that homeowners are seeking. Here are five popular ideas to consider.

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Lighting Control

Advances in lighting technology in the past ten years have enabled new possibilities in design and efficiency. A renovation or new construction project is the perfect time to consider going with full LED lighting as well as a lighting control system. Smart lighting can add design flair to your clients’ home with modern features like color and tunable color temperature. Lighting control makes it easy to customize scenes for entertaining, bedtime, cooking, and anything else a homeowner might desire. Smart lighting also offers you more design choices for placing light switches and controls. With wireless technology, programmable keypads can be placed in the most sensible and aesthetically pleasing locations. Groups of lights can be easily aggregated and precisely controlled with one button instead of banks of light switches.


Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can intelligently control the interior climate and adds the convenience of remote control from inside and outside the home. Often a regular thermostat is located where there is a centralized point for temperature sensors in a zone. Smart thermostats can communicate with wireless temperature sensors in various rooms, which can enable you to locate the thermostat where you want to put it. If you factor in smart climate control from the beginning, you can create a more comfortable and efficient environment – useful for managing in the hot Nevada desert climate.


Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are a convenient way for your client to monitor their home while at home and away. As a leader in home security and protection services, we are experts in security cameras and surveillance. Cameras require prewiring, and optimally you want to wire locations like driveway entries and gates, front doors, patios, and strategic locations indoors. There are many choices in camera systems and technology, and it’s critical to consider the best solutions so the wiring and power infrastructure is put in place at the right point in the construction process.


Smart Sensors

To go along with smart cameras, a myriad of intelligent sensors are available now that assist with home monitoring and security. Renovation or new construction offers an excellent opportunity to identify the optimal places for motion sensors, water intrusion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and more. Today’s smart sensors can be monitored by a home automation system and report issues immediately to the homeowner, giving them the peace of mind that they always know their property is safe.


Whole Home Audio

Many homeowners dream of high-quality audio in every room – and outside – without having speakers or equipment visible. Remodeling and construction is the perfect time to run the necessary wires in walls and ceilings to install built-in speakers, as well as customize a closet or cabinet to hide the electronics for a sleek appearance. Whole home audio always has the “wow” factor that homeowners are looking for as well because they know it will add endless entertainment possibilities to their new abode.


Eagle Sentry is your expert source in Las Vegas for home automation technology and services. Reach out to us; we’d love to work with you on your next project!

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