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4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure


A Safer Garage Makes for a Safer Home 

You might not think too much about the security of your garage. While you may not believe you have many things of value in there, they do add up. Do you lock your car in the garage? Your car itself is valuable, and you may keep other things of value in the vehicle as well. What about that fancy mountain bike for riding the Red Rock Canyons? If you start thinking about it, your garage houses many items you’d rather not live without.

The most common entry point for burglars in homes is, unsurprisingly, the front and back doors. But the next point turns out to be windows and the garage. Garages often make tempting targets because windows that they have might face areas that get little attention. Most garages have motorized doors, and the openers typically depend on rolling code type security. While that generally works, it doesn’t mean that the doors are totally impervious to being opened from outside. 

So how do you keep your garage secure in your Las Vegas home? Read on for some common sense  and technology  tips to ensure the garage is not the weak link in your home security chain.

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Lock Your Doors

It may seem obvious, but locked doors make it harder for thieves to get in. For increased security, you can disable your automatic door from operating with a remote typically by a switch on the wall button that opens your door. This is an especially good idea to do while you are away from home for several days. 

Does a side door to your garage have windows? If so, it may be easy for a thief to break the pane, reach in, and open the door. Consider putting in a dead bold that requires a key to both side of the door, so even if the pane is broken, entry is not easy.


Don’t Leave Your Doors Open for Extended Periods

Again, this may be obvious, but it happens often.  You never know which car is driving by that may be checking out the contents of open garages. Also, if you aren’t watching, it is entirely possible for an enterprising burglar to access your opener and quickly program a remote with the rolling code to your garage door. Then it would be like having a key to your house.  


Have Garage Windows? Use Window Shades

Don’t make it easy to see what’s in your garage. Use shades to cover them up. For the ultimate in convenience, make them motorized shades. Let the sun in during the desert winter and keep your garage warmer, and block it during the hot spring and summer — all on a schedule you choose. Of course, you’ll keep prying eyes away too.


Use Smart Security Technology

One of the best ways to ensure the security of your garage is with smart security technology. Consider upgrading your opener to a model with smart features like the ability to check on the door status and remotely closing it through a smartphone app. Install a security camera in the garage and you can always keep an eye on it, including getting alerts if there is suspicious motion. With a lighting control system, you can have lights go on and off on a schedule, or turn them up if there is motion inside or outside your garage.  Best yet, equip your home with one of our security service plans and your entire property can be protected.  


To learn more about keeping your garage  and your home  safe and secure, contact us for a free quote today!

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