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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation


Smart Ideas and Smart Surveillance Cameras Help Protect Your Property

In today’s hyper-connected world, it seems like everyone always knows what everyone else is doing. We are connected via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and a variety of other social networks. Some people post enough facets of their lives where it wouldn't take much effort for someone with nefarious intentions to track where you are and what you do regularly.

When you travel away from home, there are typically things that you do to ensure that your property will be safe while you're away. You lock the doors, perhaps have a neighbor look in on your place, and leave some lights on. Is that enough? It may be, but if you seek more peace of mind, we have a few tips that will ensure that nothing untoward will happen while you're away on your seasonal vacation.

So as you escape the heat this summer in Las Vegas, here are some good rules to follow to ensure your property is safe. Spoiler alert: We are a security company, so one of these tips involves investing in surveillance cameras — it’s a great way to keep an eye on your home no matter where you go.

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Tip #1: Don’t Announce Your Vacation on Social Media


People often innocently announce their excitement around an upcoming trip on Facebook or another platform. Even more commonly, they will post pictures of the trip also before they get home. Even if you pay attention to ever-changing privacy settings, do you personally know everyone on your list of connections? A wise move would be to post your vacation pictures on social media after you're home. If your neighborhood is on a social network like Nextdoor, it’s also a good idea to assume that not all of the people on there are your actual neighbors. Don’t announce that you’ll be gone on specific dates as you’re looking for a recommendation for a service while you’re away.


Tip #2: Hold the Mail

If you have an unsecured mailbox stanchion outside, a sure tip for a potential intruder is a pile of mail. Have the post office hold it or a trusted neighbor pick it up. Not only will it not look like you are away, but you can also prevent identity theft by not leaving bills or identifying documents in your mailbox unprotected.


Tip #3: Lock Everything

Depending on the layout of your property, maybe you don’t lock all your doors all the time. When you are on vacation, make sure that you do. To be ultra-safe, disable the opening of your garage door as well. Depending on the opener on your unit, there may be ways to steal the rolling code and gain entry to your house. And that emergency key in the planter around the back? Hide that one in the house. Of course, if you have smart locks with a home automation system, you can make sure that every door is locked and even monitor any entry, even if you granted access to someone while you’re away.


Tip #4: Make it Look Like Someone is Home

A dark house with all the shades drawn might give away that no one is around. On the other hand, shades are often closed in the Las Vegas summer desert heat. The trick is to have your property appear as similar as possible to when you are actually there. The best way to do that is with automation. In years past timers on lights could switch things on and off, but the options today are much more sophisticated. With smart home systems, lights can be turned on and off in varied patterns that mimic your day to day routine. If a would-be burglar is watching your property, you can keep them guessing. If you have a fountain by the pool, a spa, outdoor lights, and other features, a smart home system can turn those on and off too — even music on your outdoor speakers or the TV inside. Motion activated lights outside can be a good deterrent also, and they are easy and inexpensive to install.


Tip #5: Invest in Surveillance Cameras

Today’s surveillance cameras and systems are extremely sophisticated - and a cost-effective monitoring solution. There are wired and wireless options, cameras that have a wide field of view, and models that can detect faces and pets. For entries, video doorbells include cameras that can alerts you to when a real person is at the door whether you are in the house or on the beach in Hawaii. Best of all, many of today’s models integrate well with smart home systems and other online services. For example, if a camera detects an unexpected entry, it can turn on the lights and an alarm to startle an intruder.


With a few smart tips and even smarter security and surveillance cameras, you can be relaxed on your next vacation and confident that your property will be secure until you return to Las Vegas from that long summer vacation. Let Eagle Sentry show you all the options for smart home security – contact us for a free quote today!

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